Sunday, 11 March 2018

Art in the Cathedral

Like most of our cathedrals, Liverpool holds some interesting art and sculpture and continues to invest in modern pieces. I very much liked the installation above. It honours former Bishop of Liverpool (and professional cricketer), David Sheppard (whom I mentioned yesterday), and bears the text from Jeremiah 29:7: 'Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you... and pray to the Lord on its behalf.' I've included the full description below, with apologies to those reading on phones! (Incidentally, the former Dean, Justin Welby, is now our Archbishop of Canterbury.)

The towering west 'Benedicite' window is stained glass designed by Carl Edwards. It has underneath it a pink neon sign that reads: 'I Felt You And I Knew You Loved Me.' That is a work called 'For You', by the artist Tracey Emin, first displayed in 2008 when Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture and now a permanent installation. 

On the exterior, above the West Door, is 'The Welcoming Christ', a huge bronze by Dame Elisabeth Frink, installed in 1993 and one of her last completed works.


  1. All very vast and heavy in that Victorian way, making you feel like the building was constructed for giants. Incidentally Rev David Sheppard was not a professional but an amateur cricketer, a very important distinction back in those days. He was a very good batsman who would have played more test cricket if not for his clerical career. He was dropped from the test side, not because of his batting, but because he dropped several catches at important times. Fred Trueman is supposed to have complained, "The only time you keep your hands together is on a Sunday!"

    1. Thanks for that important piece of info. You can tell I'm not much into cricket!

  2. That stained glass window is a show stopper!


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