Sunday, 4 March 2018

Neo-classical gems

So... where have I been? Anyone recognise this famous city?

Another clue.

Yes, it's Liverpool. This magnificent collection of buildings, in the neo-classical style, is known as Liverpool's 'cultural quarter', the William Brown Street conservation area. It is one of six locations in the city that together make up Liverpool's UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. The top photo shows the Walker Art Gallery, affectionately known as 'the National Gallery of the North' for the quality of the works it holds and because it is part of the National Museums Group, rather than being a locally administered gallery. The beautiful rotunda is part of the Liverpool Central Library. The bottom image shows part of the World Museum - which was my destination. The area also holds St George's Hall, Liverpool Lime Street (rail) station and the Great North Western Hotel, all equally elaborate structures that originally date back to the 1850s to 1870s, though with many alterations and refurbishments since then.


  1. The architecture of our great northern industrial cities is yet another overlooked wonder of these islands. Most people from abroad, and those from the south of England for that matter, don't realise there's anything apart from the kind of streets depicted on Coronation Street.


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