Saturday, 17 March 2018

More snow! and a milestone

More snow! We had another flurry of quite heavy snow late last week. It didn't last long but it came just at the time people were trying to get to work and school one morning and so it proved hugely disruptive all across this region. I was shocked to wake up to this view from my bedroom window, but at the same time very pleased to know that I didn't have to go out at all.  Loving this retirement phase of life  :)

I wasn't going to bother to post this photo but since then (and thankfully after the snow went) I've been at my daughter's, caring for the older of my two granddaughters, who finally and feverishly succumbed to the nasty flu-type bug they've all had. She's getting better now, thankfully, but it's rare that children have a fever for six days running, in my experience. Anyway, I hope that my family will get back to normal now that they have all had and recovered from the virus in turn. So far, I don't appear to have contracted it and I'm hoping I don't, despite several exposures to it. We grandmas rock!

I keep thinking winter must be over and I'll be able to get out and take some more springlike shots. I'm running very short of pictures. But no... we now have a forecast for more snowfall over this weekend. Sigh...

I have just noticed that I have now passed the '3000 blog posts' point. This is number 3005. Who'd have thought, way back in 2009 when I started, that I'd still be blogging some nine years later? Certainly not me. I had no idea that I'd find it such fun and such an absorbing hobby. Many thanks to all my blog friends, especially to all my long-term readers.


  1. Snowing here this morning. Cold grey slushy stuff but definitely snow. Three thousand! That's a lot of pictures of Saltaire.

  2. Every day a Jenny day! Just got in from clearing the snow and salting the footpath before my house. In Germany bye-laws demand we do this by 7AM. Also for communal areas we have this responsibility. Guess who is on the roster this week (sigh) even though I wrote the plan myself......

    1. Gosh Peter, I can't decide whether that's civilised or barbaric! There was a time people would clear pavements here, voluntarily. But not these days. Mind you, I've read that if you do and then it ices over and someone falls, you'd be liable. True or not, that kind of thing puts you off.

  3. Congratulations Jenny - your images are always a delight to see, and yes, you are right, we Grandmas rock!

  4. Congratulations and than you for all the wonderful pictures you've shared. Because of you, I feel I know Saltaire and environs. My life is richer.

  5. Congrats on the 3,00th post!
    I hope you stay free of the flu!

  6. Fantastic to have posted so many blogs. Now I'm going to go look for my number... And I'm so glad that I found your blog by Vicki's posting the link on hers!

  7. Years ago people always cleared the snow from the fronts, but you may well be right about the H & S aspect.
    We find that we pick up colds etc from our granddaughter.
    Congrats on 3000 posts and great pictures.

  8. Congratulations on the milestone!

    Beautiful shot. It's clear but cold here today, and I doubt we've seen our last snowfall.

  9. Hi Jenny - congratulations ... that's some milestone - and your photos are always gorgeous. More snow ... thank goodness it's eased here! Have a peaceful weekend and may the family recover their healing this week in time for Spring as it really comes forth - cheers Hilary

  10. Beautiful and lovely winter image !
    Congratulations on your milestone!

  11. Hello Jenny my congratulation on reaching 3,000.


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