Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The way the wind blows

When you get right up to the top floor of Salts Mill, you can see, through the glass skylights, a hazy glimpse of the weathervane that sits atop one of the twin towers on the roof. The glass is dirty and criss-crossed with strengthening bars, so it is pretty much impossible to get a decent photo of the weathervane from there, which is a pity. It is quite attractive, with a nice font and an ornate pointer. I have done some complicated manipulation of this image to achieve this effect! I quite like it. It's not 'the truth' but it's not far off what you can see beyond the dirt and the iron bars. (The N/S axis is all but invisible when it points straight towards you.)

For the purists, here's one taken from the outside, with my telephoto lens on max!


  1. The manipulated version does have the feel of wintry weather in a northern town. I like it very much.

  2. It is a nice one. I like your pic!

  3. A lovely weather vane! I like your treatment of it.

  4. Your top photo reminds me of the "pea-soupers" of days gone by........smog killed thousands.


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