Sunday, 25 March 2018

Like a mirror

The canal was calm as a mirror when I went walking along the other day, so the reflections were lovely. This is the scene looking back towards Saltaire from the bridge at Dowley Gap. There are some old mill buildings here, which have been converted into two or three residences. It ought to be (and at first glance looks to be) nicer than it really is. It's all a bit of a hotch-potch and rather tatty. Added to that, on the far side, it overlooks the beautiful  cess pits of the sewage works, which make their presence known odiferously as well as visually. It's not really somewhere I'd choose to live... Maybe you'd get used to the smell, like people living near busy roads get accustomed to the noise.


  1. The old mill certainly is visually appealing.

    I imagine the effect is similar to the smell of paper mills one sometimes comes across in small northern towns here. Eventually you get used to it.

  2. The farmers around Liverpool grew potatoes and cabbages to feed the rapidly developing metropolis. Night soil in older boats became a regular 19 C. canal cargo used by the farmers to fertilize their fields.
    For 6 months in the 1980's effluent from Esholt sewage works was carried on the Leeds and Liverpool down the Aire and Calder for discharge into the North Sea.


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