Monday, 12 March 2018

Liverpool doors

There is often something appealing about doors (and windows) and I like taking photos of them. Maybe it's wondering what lies inside or the fact that, although they all serve the same purpose, there are so many different designs. Even among those ostensibly similar, each one is unique. There are some grand old houses in Liverpool with grand old doors on them. Here are a few.

The door above belongs to The Hardmans' House, a property now owned by the National Trust. It is a Georgian house that was the home and studio of a 1950s society photographer. I'd have liked to visit but it was closed for the winter and anyway, as it's so small, one has to book ahead. 

For some reason, I'm particularly fond of yellow doors. I was going to paint my front door yellow at one time - until my mother told me the colour attracts flies and that put me off that idea!


  1. All very grand. If you paint your door yellow, then you need to persuade your neighbour to paint theirs red for full effect.

  2. George Wimpey and I both like yellow. I wished that our new car be yellow as it is both cheerful and can be seen for miles. However. my better half did not wish it, so now we travel in angelic white.

  3. I damaged a door once, then repaired the hole in it, and painted the whole thing Chinese red. I loved it, and it went very well with the grey siding on the house.

  4. That yellow door does really stand out, Jenny!

  5. I had no idea yellow attracts flies.


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