Tuesday, 20 March 2018

More weather

My online photo group theme for February was, appropriately enough, 'weather' - and this image pretty much sums up most of February's weather round here, until the snow arrived. It's easy enough to capture fog, even rain - but wind is harder to convey in a still photo. I was quite pleased with this depiction, which I think does suggest the howling wind on top of the moor, bending the grasses and twisting the few hardy bushes that manage to survive up there, some 430m above sea level. I'm never sure why the wind doesn't blow the fog away but I suppose you're really inside a cloud up there!


  1. Certainly feels like a rough day on the moors - and I've walked through plenty of those in my time! Good to have a theme like that to tempt you outside on days when you might otherwise be tempted to stay in the warm.

  2. You expect the Hound of the Baskervilles to come bounding out of those grasses.

  3. Dowley plus a cold east wind equals wuthering! In my childhood the attic water tank froze up.....


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