Saturday, 9 June 2018

Abbey House Museum

The Abbey House Museum is across the main road from Kirkstall Abbey itself (see yesterday) and was once the Abbey's gatehouse. It is run as a museum of social history, by Leeds City Council. The ground floor is arranged as a series of Victorian streets, with shops and houses featuring original shop fittings and contents. It is interesting to wander round, though a bit difficult for photos even though our camera club had negotiated that we could use tripods. There wasn't much room to manoeuvre.

Some of the shop fronts - a hardware shop and a grocer. 

An old-fashioned wash tub and mangle.

 The cosy interior of a cottage. 

Bust of Queen Victoria in the 'Hark to Rover' Inn. 


  1. You've got some really first-class pictures there, despite the tripod conundrum. Ever tried a monopod?

    1. Yes, I've a monopod. It's good as a walking pole but I've never managed to get a steadier photo with it than I manage handheld.

  2. That cottage certainly looks cozy...can't imagine moving about without having to shift the furniture! What a great museum idea.

  3. These museums are great and did you notice the visitors saying "i remember those " etc....we all do it.

  4. A lovely place to explore! Terrific shots.

  5. That looks like a great place, Jenny!

  6. Lovely place. The cottage is very beautiful.
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  7. You did very well, jennyfreckles. Looks like a good place for wandering.


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