Sunday, 24 June 2018


Another tranquil scene for a quiet Sunday... The Saltaire trip boat does short rides up the canal from the Victoria Road bridge to Hirst Lock and back. I keep thinking I should try it. Although the towpath is busy on this stretch, gliding gently along the canal at slower than walking pace would feel very peaceful, I think. I might take the grandchildren some day. My photo makes it all look so rural. You wouldn't think you were in the middle of a village, within a town, within a city area.


  1. David Lowe ran a trip boat here for many years. It is lovely to see his successor. Go on, Jenny, give it a go. Use it or lose it, as they used to say on the very successful Kennet and Avon restoration! Take the kids on a w/e outing to Welshpool on the Montgomery where they have a gorgeous horse-drawn boat.

  2. I was enjoying very similar scenes yesterday - walking along the River Lea between Hertford and Ware. It also looks very rural but isn't.

  3. I would imagine that a trip on it would be a very relaxing and tranquil experience.

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