Thursday, 21 June 2018

Sheffield's buildings, old and new

These are some of the buildings in Sheffield that caught my eye, both old and new:
Above is the City Hall, a concert venue.    
Below is Sheffield's Anglican Cathedral. 

The Millennium Gallery (below), opened in 2001, has art, craft and design exhibitions. It also holds two permanent collections: the Ruskin Collection of beautiful books, art, minerals and natural exhibits collected by the Victorian writer John Ruskin in order to inspire Sheffield's workers;  and an exhibition of Sheffield metalwork: the cutlery, flatware and tableware for which Sheffield was once famous.  

A Ferris Wheel reflected in the glass of a shopping centre:

Modern offices and apartments:

Finally, a ten-storey steel-clad structure that turned out to be ... a car park! It's known locally as the Cheese Grater, for obvious reasons. Why build a boring car park when you can have one as stylish as this?


  1. Lovely buildings! And there are wreathes around the obelisk outside city hall...was there a Memorial Day there as well (as here in US)?

  2. Barbara, our Remembrance Day is in November. I'm not sure if the wreaths have survived since then or if Sheffield has had a more recent ceremony for some reason.

  3. You have made the city look wonderful!

  4. What a contrast between classic and modern architecture.

  5. I would imagine it likely that the memorial's wreaths would be because of a significant anniversary- D-Day, perhaps? Our War Memorial will have a service and the laying of wreaths on such occasions, and also when a foreign dignitary comes, they'll often place a wreath.

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