Saturday, 16 June 2018

Welcome to Sheffield

Considering it is only about an hour's drive or train journey away, in South Yorkshire, Sheffield isn't a city I know very well. I must only have visited half a dozen times, mostly for work and with little opportunity to explore. The Yorkshire Photographic Union, of which my camera club is a member, held their annual exhibition there last month, so I decided I'd go and see the show and take the chance to look round the city centre too. It was a very warm, bright, sunny day so there were lots of people enjoying the Peace Gardens by the Town Hall.

One of the interesting features of the city centre architecture is the way modern glass and steel buildings are being blended, quite successfully it seems, with the traditional old Victorian buildings and some remaining sixties concrete blocks. It feels an exciting, friendly and vibrant place and there seemed to be lots of young people around. There are two universities. It's one of the top ten most popular student cities in the world and one of the cheapest to live in too, which is part of the reason many students remain in the city after graduating.


  1. When I visit Sheffield last year I didn't think much to it as the central area was in the process of being rebuilt. I certainly didn't find this nice area and we walked the city looking for older buildings. However the countryside around made up for it.

  2. It sounds like a young vibrant city.

  3. Beautiful architecture here, Jenny.

  4. I love the scene in your second photo. Students lazing about in springtime in front of lovely architecture. I could stand that!


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