Thursday, 28 June 2018

Dragon Boat Festival fun

The main cricket pitch in Roberts Park was sensibly fenced off to protect the playing surface, but the cricket club had some nets up and were involving children in some batting and bowling practice with plastic bats, ball and wickets.

The many food stalls included a working bakery with a French influence. It's a pity I have to stay gluten-free as the bread and pastries looked very tasty.

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were providing back-up on the river, though I didn't see any capsizes whilst I was there. They looked to be having quite a relaxed time of it, cruising up and down in the sunshine.

The bandstand was host to a very smart military band from the Yorkshire Regiment (the only county regiment left in the British Army). It's always good to hear some brass band music. The regiment also had a shooting range and an inflatable assault course that were proving popular with children.


  1. Good to see the next generation of Yorkshire cricketers. A good day out.

  2. In 1963 the British Army strength was 160.000. Now it is less than half that. However, we still have 20 bands! What did they use to say? Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.....our British Army really has just faded away.

  3. May I share your photo of the band playing, and give this blog site as reference, to post on my blog for Sepia Saturday this week?

  4. I can just imagine the sound of the band.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes. England has a very successful women's national team, and I guess the players must come up through schools and universities. I've rarely heard of or seen a local women's team though.


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