Friday, 1 June 2018

Fought for, died for, use your vote!

The 'Hats Off, Forward Together' March set off from Roberts Park and climbed up to Shipley Glen on the path beside the Glen Tramway, following the route that the original demonstration took 110 years ago. 

It was loud, spirited and good natured, with people chanting: 

'Fought for, died for, use your vote!'


  1. Yes, but do they all remember to vote? Turn out for our local elections was disappointingly low.

  2. Yes absolutely Jenny, apart from the fact it's compulsory here in Australia, I can't imagine not using my vote ✨

  3. A powerful recreation, and still timely.

    We have a provincial election here next week. One of the party leaders is an oaf who happens to be the brother of that crackhead ex-mayor of Toronto who died of cancer, and is as much of a bloody unfit for office lout as his brother ever was.


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