Monday, 25 June 2018

War and Peace

War and Peace - not Tolstoy or even Trump v Kim Jong-un. This is War and Peace, Saltaire style. I've shown photos of Saltaire's stone lions before, but not recently, so I thought I'd say hello to them again. They are looking rather smarter since the big trees were felled. The greenish tinge from lichen has all but disappeared. Peace (below) is my favourite. He looks so... well... peaceful. War, in contrast, has a lean and hungry look. They flank the Victoria Hall and opposite, on either side of the old school building, are two more: Vigilance and Determination. 

The sculptor was Thomas Milnes, of London. It is said that they were made for the base of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square but then that commission was awarded to Landseer. These four sandstone lions were left languishing in the sculptor's studio and were snapped up in 1869 by Sir Titus Salt, who wanted them as a centrepiece for his new village of Saltaire. 


  1. Now you've whetted my appetite, I want to see Vigilance and Determination as well. Glad to know the back story, as always.

  2. "Peace" looks a lot like I feel on this warm afternoon!

  3. I took several pics of them when I was there!


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