Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Dean Clough in Lego

The Dean Clough Lego project came about as the result of a discussion amongst staff about the difficulties of depicting the huge site (see yesterday).  The individual mills are so close together, in a deep valley, that it is difficult to photograph them or convey their size. An aerial view would show the whole site but lose the historical details. Someone - perhaps jokingly - suggested building it in Lego. Thus it was that in 2009, Michael Le Count (a primary school teacher) and Tony Priestman (a computer data specialist) began to construct a model, in their spare time, using only commercially available Lego pieces. They are still at it! It's a huge model and astonishingly detailed, well worth seeing.


  1. It must have been quite a sight when they were building that too! This time though I'd feel more qualified to lend a hand with the labouring duties.

  2. That is quite something to get into. Impressive.

  3. Were I to tell my wife that I had spent half our pension on Lego blocks she would be speechless, but not for long.