Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Stormy seas

Having initially been quite pleasant during the morning at Bempton Cliffs, the weather steadily worsened. I stayed a few nights in a guesthouse in Bridlington so I walked down to the sea front in the evening. As the tide came in, the sea was quite choppy, with waves breaking onto the sea wall and a lot of sea spray.

Since I don't see the sea very often, it was rather fun to experience its different moods.

We saw a Bridlington lifeboat being winched up the beach. This one is a much bigger workhorse than the D class inflatable we saw at Poppit Sands in Wales (HERE), reflecting the different nature of the East Coast and North Sea and the type of shipping in local waters. (I think the Bridlington lifeboat station also has a D Class inshore boat).  The boat pictured is a new all-weather Shannon class boat, propelled by water jets rather than traditional propellors, making it highly manoeuvrable. 


  1. The lifeboat's large orange superstructure is watertight, enclosed and full of air. Should the boat capsize in stormy seas it will thus upright itself immediately.

  2. Very dramatic- that first one especially.

  3. That is a great lifeboat! And I like your pic of it!