Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Roaming along the river

I don't often explore the Aire river bank beyond Hirst Woods towards Bingley. The path is narrower and it's neither as picturesque nor as easy to access and navigate as my more local stretch but sometimes it's good to make the effort. I was rewarded with the sight of a mother goosander and her four chicks, sunbathing on rocks. I haven't spotted many tiny ducklings and suddenly they all seem to be more visible and growing fast.

I managed to pass under the railway bridge without being spooked by the noise of a train overhead.

Back in the familiar local patch, it has all become noticeably leafier and more verdant in the last week or two and the bluebells here, among the first to reveal themselves, have all long since faded. I wonder how long it will be before the rowers get back on the river? It's quiet without the gentle splashing of their oars up and down this stretch.


  1. You would think that single rowers would be socially distanced.

  2. There is that wandering that happens on paths that aren't as often taken, curves that would straighten out if more frequently used!

  3. Here we have seen several goslings on the river, maybe some ducklings in a few weeks. We may take a wander along a canal path later this week as I was inspired by your river walk sharing.

  4. A little wild, but looks like a lovely walk just the same. The ducks are adorable!