Thursday, 11 October 2018

Lincolnshire villages

Our Lincolnshire walk took us through the villages of Navenby and Wellingore, which have a core of old, traditional houses as well as lots of newer builds. The beautiful house in my photo above is the Manor House on the Green, in Wellingore. It is a Grade II listed Georgian (early 18th century) house built in the local limestone with a pantile roof. The Green has an old water pump, as do some of the streets in the village, which is now a conservation area.

There is no shortage of attractive old buildings, mostly built of limestone but with a few built of mellow old bricks. It's all very pleasing.

Some of the street names are interestingly evocative of earlier times: Blacksmith's Lane and the oddly named Egg Shell Alley.


  1. They are fabulously old buildings. It is so good that they kept beautifully. The manor house reminds me of the old TV show, 'To the Manor Born"

  2. This country has far more areas of beauty than people realise. The combination of limestone and pantiles is very attractive.

  3. There are so many lovely villages in England!

  4. Charming place. I love the name Egg Shell Alley.

  5. The old buildings really are beautiful to see.


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