Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Boat lift

I've not really taken much notice before of the boatyard at Gallows Bridge in Shipley. When I walked past a couple of months ago I noticed they have a huge machine for lifting boats into and out of the water. (That tractor thing with orange loops hanging down.) It is apparently a new initiative. They provide a number of services to boaters, including supplying fuel and gas, visitor moorings and toilet disposal facilities. Now they can lift boats to repair and paint them or put them on/off transport vehicles. If you look at their website HERE you can see pictures of the lift in action but it was idle when I passed by.


  1. How wonderful,tradition is being repeated here! Shipley boatyard at the Bradford Junction, where new flats now stand, was famous for building "Shipley barges". Built of wood, they were shapely, attractive and easy for the horse to pull. I am so pleased that this neglected corner is being brought back to life!

  2. Well isn't that a good idea? I'm sure many people are appreciative.

  3. The idea of a trip on one of these boats is so enticing!