Friday, 15 November 2019

Early morning on the rocks

Harris, day four
I managed to drag myself out of bed on the fourth day to participate in the dawn shoot. (I'll never be a real landscape photographer!) We scrambled about on the rocks at Rubha Romagraich, not far from where we'd been the evening before. I like the photo below, even though it's an annoying composition and I want to move the hill.

The sun came up behind us, throwing a soft light on to the outline of Ceapabhal.

I also liked the effect and the colours in this ICM image:


  1. Nothing worse than getting up early only to find a mountain in the wrong place!

  2. I do love the white water at the centre of your top image. Just think, there are two thousands miles of it out there, all the way to America!

  3. I like the first two images for the close detail that then moves off into a clear distance of probably miles. And I like the second two for the water-color-ness of them (I wonder if there is just one word that would describe what that means.) Pigments aren't saturated but lovingly brushed gently on the paper, giving suggestions that the mind fills in.

  4. I won't be a landscape photographer either if it requires such early mornings!

  5. Beautiful. I'm glad you got up and about.