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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Clear round

There are two sessions of horse jumping at Bingley Show, in the morning and then in the late afternoon, when there is a jump-off against the clock. I didn't take much notice of the detail - who the riders were, what the horses were called or which class they were competing in, but I did stand and watch for quite a while. There were some beautiful horses and some very competent riders, although the fences didn't look that high. I think it was a Novice class I was watching and I suppose I'm only used to seeing Olympic fences. (Not sure if the term 'novice' refers to the horse or the rider, or both.)

I wanted to get a lower viewpoint on my photos, so that the horse wouldn't get mixed up with the background, but there were metal fences all the way round the arena and most had plastic banners tied to them too, so I couldn't even get my camera lens through. To do it like the pros you need a long telephoto too, so the background can be blurred - but we amateur bloggers have to make do with the kit we have! Anyway, I was reasonably pleased with some of my shots. (At least they are sharp!)


  1. It is a good action shot. Well done. It is fun watching but I wouldn't like to do it.

  2. Very beautiful shot! very impressive! It must be great to see such an event in real life!

  3. I think you did well. Catching the horse mid-jump isn't easy.