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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Handle with care

Among Lister Park's treasures, in my view, are the door handles at the entrance to Cartwright Hall. There are several, all (I think) slightly different from each other but all in this elaborate and fluid style. The Hall dates from the early 1900s and I think these brass handles are in the style of Art Nouveau, which was popular in that era. They each feature an elegant lady sitting atop a flowing, leaf-like cascade that forms the handle itself. Little treasures.

(I wish it was easier to arrange photos in Blogger. This was the best I could manage!


  1. Such style. Often so sadly lacking today.

  2. What a wonderful addition for a door.

  3. Yes they are definitely art nouveau. Lovely detail.

  4. They are quite grand.

    Your photo arrangement looks nice, but I know what you mean; I've grappled with the Blogger editor many times.