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Sunday, 7 July 2013


What a wonderful weekend! Sunshine and baking hot temperatures here in England - and a brilliant result in the tennis at Wimbledon. I've watched all of Andy Murray's matches in the past fortnight and many of them have been absolutely nail-biting. It's like watching gladiators fighting it out, I always think. So different from watching team sports. The momentum can turn on such apparently small incidents and it really is a mind-game as well as a test of physical stamina and skill. Djokovic played a great game too and he's such a nice guy. I have loads of admiration for Murray; he has worked so hard for years and improved every aspect of his game. He deserves this success. And, 77 years after the last British men's title holder, it's an amazing result for the nation to have a British male champion at our home tournament. I hope Murray will go from strength to strength for a few more years yet...

I've pinched the photo, which is very naughty, but I'm more than happy to promote Adidas on my blog... I think it's a good ad. Says it all.

PS: Feel moved to point out that we've had four (yes, four!) women's singles champions in the last 77 years, a fact which the nation seems to have collective amnesia about.


  1. Ditto...ditto...ditto!! I watched the game long after it was played. In our time it was played in the early morning hours,too early for me. We went to church after which I took a nap, but one of our TV stations replayed the match at 4:00 in the afternoon. What an exciting match it was!! I have been following Djokovic for the past three years, so I had a hard time deciding who I wanted to win. But Murray definitely played the better game today and how wonderful for all the British fans. The players' strength, endurance, concentration and focus is amazing. Definitely a mind game.

  2. Hi Jenny - I haven't been completed addicted to the tv .. but watched a fair amount .. and as everyone is saying - it puts a different perspective on tennis - finally .. and when we win we're happy!

    Enjoy this beautiful sunny weather .. and yes - congratulations Andy .. cheers Hilary

  3. I did watch a bit of it but I must admit that I can never get too excited by tennis - it's all a little too fast. I have never understood why you are given a second chance on your serve, it's a bit like letting a penalty shooter kick again if he misses the first time.

  4. He's a great sportsman and I have to say I sat up and watched till 3am in the morning (Aust time) I love both players but good to see Murray finally take out the cup. Bravo!

  5. I was glad for Murray and for Britain. It must have been doubly difficult for him to feel the pressure of that long national drought on his shoulders.