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Friday, 19 July 2013

(Hot) Weather station

Among the interesting things in Lister Park, Bradford, is this meteorological station. It's been here since 1908 and has provided weather reports every single day since it opened. According to the sign on the gate, readings are taken at 10.00am in winter and at 9.00am in summer and are sent to the Meteorological Office (Met Office) to feed into their statistics for the country as a whole. I'm not sure exactly what the station measures, but there are several pieces of equipment within the compound - temperature, wind speed and rainfall must be some of the observations recorded.

This week it will have been saying the maximum temperature is around 28-30ºC (low-mid 80ºs F) -  although it feels hotter to me, as it's often been quite humid.

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  1. We've been as high as 35 degrees in our region. I've just posted some tips on how to cope.

    I wonder who has the job of reading these devices?