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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Mad grannies and other stories

Kilnsey Show 2018 - a few random things that caught my eye:
Above: Somebody's granny at the wheel of an impressive police tractor (who knew there were police tractors, complete with flashing blue lights?!)

Being eyeballed by a cow... 'Don't give me no bull!'

Beauty kit for show cattle (they apparently need nearly as much stuff as I do!)

Sausages! Lots of them.

The smartly turned-out Summerbridge and Dacre Silver Band, entertaining the crowds.

More tractors, this time vintage ones being paraded round the show ring by vintage chaps (somebody's grandad?)

And my favourite, the sheepdog trials.


  1. Wonderful images that make me wish I were there.

  2. Domination? These sheep don't appear to be worried at all!

  3. A country fair looks so inviting to see. There are a lot of interesting things going on there. The front of that tractor looks aggressive.

  4. We have John Deere being made just up the street in their factory about four miles away from where we live. There are other factories in our state a lot of equipment is made and shipped out and see them head out on the trucks.

  5. So much fun to accompany you to this fair!