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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Vivacious herbaceous

I always enjoy a visit to RHS Harlow Carr Gardens when the main herbaceous borders are in full bloom. (This was a few weeks ago.) Some years they are better than others, perhaps due to the weather and/or the choice of planting. There were too many wildly mixed colour combinations for my personal taste this year. I don't tend to like pinks and yellows together... Mind you, I'm a fine one to judge, as I don't have a green finger on my body! Whether they appeal or not, they are certainly a zingy sight.

I did like the colour combination below: a dark pink sedum (?) with attractive burgundy leaves against a vibrant turquoise grass that I've never noticed before.


  1. It all looks quite lovely to me!

  2. I particularly enjoy the view from afar, where all kinds of colors blend, kind of an impressionistic painting by nature, (and gardeners.)

  3. All those wonderful trees of infinately varying green hues......such a lovely photo, Jenny!