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Saturday, 1 September 2018

People and animals

Kilnsey Show 2018
This seemed a rather tender moment between the beef cow and her handler. She had said something to it and the cow leaned in and gave her, effectively, a hug. Aw.

This family looked justly proud of their magnificent horse. It's a 'heavy horse' but I'm not sure exactly what breed it is... maybe a Clydesdale?

The sheep are a little tricky to control. Holding them under the chin seemed the preferred method of calming them. But the guy looks as though he can handle most things...  Certainly this Dalesbred sheep was docile in his care.

After this hot summer, I imagine these sheep were glad to shed their wool. The young man was demonstrating sheep shearing for much of the day. I bet his back ached afterwards!

Children were captivated by the smaller animals. These saddleback pigs, plus some sheep, goats, alpacas and small donkeys were part of an exhibit by a charity that works with children using pet animals as therapy.


  1. I love these kind of shows though around here they are often heavy on big machines and rather light on animals, which reflects the agriculture around here.

  2. It's a good way to get kids exposed to country living too.

  3. I think your gorgeous horse could be a Percheron. Certainly he is really enjoying being the centre of attention!

    1. I don't think Percherons are bay. I think they're black or grey. But this may be a crossbreed, of course.

  4. I love the pic of the cow and the woman!

  5. I'm guessing this is like an agricultural show like we have here in NZ, where they have different events and farmers show off their best stock. Love days like this.

  6. At the fair I recently visited, there were at least three teenaged girls who were lying next to their cows with their arms around them like lovers.