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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Advent windows 3

Saltaire Living Advent Calendar 2018

Saltaire's United Reformed Church have unveiled an Advent window every year since the beginning of the tradition, quite a record. Their artwork is always bold and graphic, and usually very photo friendly. This year is no exception. The window is right above the main church door, and visible from the end of the drive.

Surely it was a little 'tongue in cheek' this year? Who can ever forget that 'Two Ronnies' sketch: Four Candles ... although it was in 1976, and presumably some of you weren't even born then. See it HERE. It's still funny, I think.


  1. Beautiful window. Advent windows are a wonderful way for a community to celebrate the holiday season.

  2. Love the advent series - and that window - and love that sketch. Do you think it was intentional? Have a wonderful Christmas, Jenny. Your photos get beter and better!

  3. I just watched the sketch and it was a good one! Nice window too!

  4. Fork handles would not make such a pretty window.

  5. Tony Hancock's version of "The Archers" is up there with them. Perfect timing!