Friday, 7 December 2018

Wreath festival

It's raining!  Come and take shelter with me... Pass through the lych-gate at the entrance to St. John's Church in Baildon and then we'll run up the short path into the porch.

It's warmer (and dry) inside, and the church organ is being played. All around the church there's a wonderful display of festive wreaths.

It's amazing how inventive people can be. Some of the wreaths were traditionally Christmassy, while others referenced popular culture and other themes: 100 years of the RAF, 70 years of the NHS. Some had sparkly lights, and others plenty of blingy tinsel. Some were knitted, some made from ribbons, beads - and even beans!

It was fun and good to start getting into the festive mood, despite the weather. 

There are close views of some of my favourites, below. I think the 'Strictly (Come Dancing)' one was my absolute favourite; I'm a big fan of the show.


  1. St. John's Church in Baildon a beautiful church.

  2. I like the red "snowflake" with butterflies very much!

  3. How overwhelming to have so many creative people sharing. That's just wonderful...glad you got close ups of your favorites. The little sheep waving above the wheat is my favorite I think. We have a show "Dancing with the Stars" that may be like your "Strictly," which we don't get here in the states.

  4. Lovely! It's not easy to select a favorite they all look cheery. Great way to celebrate the season

  5. That is a beautiful church. And very creative wreaths!

  6. Such a variety of styles! It would be hard to chose!


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