Saturday, 19 January 2019

Fairy lights

Playing in Photoshop again, whiling away the dark evenings. This time I used two photos of different grasses, layering, blurring and blending them. I quite liked this effect. It looks like tiny fairy lights strung through some illuminated glass wands. Well, you either like this kind of thing or you hate it!


  1. Reminds me of the Multi-Sensory Room in the school where I worked. We used a lot of fibre optics to get a response from young people with profound learning difficulties.

  2. Looks like abstract art, maybe a touch psychadelic!

  3. I think of light through glass forms...very nice. I was just thinking about how you photographers must take a zillion pictures, then come home and have to spend more time organizing them on your computers, then write them up for your blog. I am glad to be an amateur and not quite as organized! When I take it, I post it, and then have a huge file of all my photos, and heaven help me if I want to find one later!