Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Winter classics

I was pleased to see a few early flowering snowdrops at RHS Harlow Carr. They were large and robust, and attractively offset by the red dogwood stems.

Hellebores have many variations but these are my favourites, so prettily shaded: pink tinged on the outside with lemon and white open blooms.

These little winter flowering cyclamens provided a vibrant splash of magenta. 


  1. Love the combination of the snowdrops and dogwood. I must make a visit to the winter garden in the Botanic Garden in Cambridge soon. Snowdrops are flowering in the little wood near my home.

  2. How beautiful to have flowers in winter! They speak of such promise.

  3. Flowers Yay! Lovely photos cheer up a snowy day. Thank you

  4. That is amazing to have flowers in winter!