Sunday, 27 January 2019


There is a good view from Ilkley Tarn over the Wharfe valley towards Middleton and across to the high moorland north of Ilkley. From this raised vantage point, Ilkley itself is more or less hidden below in the valley. There is a shelter beside the Tarn and its wooden structure offered a kind of picture frame to the view.

Looking in the opposite direction, Ilkley Moor rises up from the Tarn, everywhere russet-tinged with heaps of collapsed bracken. I rather liked the shape of this lone tree on the edge of the moor.


  1. My auntie, a vet, was member of a botanical society which commissioned aerial grid photos of Ilkley moor. Ten years later they did the same, and compared the result. The bracken is strongly taking over the moor and driving the heather out.