Thursday, 10 January 2019

Sculptural forms

A couple more from RHS Harlow Carr: I spotted this little bird, just landed on a spade handle - or perhaps just about to take flight. Either way, it effectively caught the characteristics of a robin or a tit, even though it was crafted from metal. The winter flowering heather around it had a pretty purple haze.

The pot and plant below caught my eye too; not a sculpture but nevertheless sculptural. I think the plant was actually on its way to decaying and all the colour was bleached from its leaves, but it shone silver in the sunshine and I liked the way it looked.

PS: A friend who has a plant nursery tells me this plant is a Senecio 'Angel wings' and is meant to be that colour. Oops. I should have known Harlow Carr don't do dead plants! I like it even more now.


  1. I like the bird, I really do, it is part of it's surroundings, wonder what the other birds think of it?

  2. Oh I love the bird Jenny, I think we would all love this permanent visitor in our garden ✨

  3. Interesting photos, the spade handle is wonderful. It adds whimsy to the garden in a classy way.

  4. The silver plant and the shadow -- lovely!