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Monday, 19 August 2019

City dusk

In Leeds it proved hard to get a good composition at sunset. My best effort was a railway gantry, softened by a rogue buddleia bush along the track. I liked the juxtaposition of hard lines and the more delicate tracery of the branches.

One of the many cranes on the skyline also provided a focal point. Leeds is a big, metropolitan city and is still growing, with lots of new offices and urban residential properties being built,

I quite liked the hard edges of this block of apartments against the soft clouds too. It was not, anyway, a very spectacular sunset in the end, though the colours were pretty.


  1. The symmetry of the bottom photo remind me of Quarryhill Flats which stood on York Road, opposite the present bus station.Built in the thirties the large, round ring of concrete flats provided light, greenery and space to the working residents. The concept was considered a European leader at the time. Senior Leeds stalwarts will remember Quarry Hill Flats very well.

  2. Those make the most of the urban landscape. Well done!

  3. The stark urban features contrast beautifully with the fluffy, dreamy skies. I like the crane very much.

  4. A soft sunset! I met someone from Leeds yesterday who was surprised that I knew where it was!