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Saturday, 10 August 2019

The Baker Beds

The Baker Beds are another project by 'Veg on the Edge', our local community gardening project. The plot has been established for a couple of years, making the most of an odd piece of land near the children's playground and adjacent to the railway line, previously a scruffy, grassy patch that was really only used by local dog owners. The dedicated, 'spare-time' gardeners have planted several raised beds full of fruit, herbs and veg, the idea being that anyone can simply help themselves to the ripe, organic produce. They've also recently planted trees around the boundary.

The Baker Beds are an addition to the plots that have been established a little longer: the Sunday School Garden (Caroline Street car park, where the original Sunday School building used to be) and Platform 1, alongside the railway station. They also look after some land outside the Jonathan Silver college building and, I think, in the Wash House garden.

It's a lovely idea and they take care to grow plants that are both useful, decorative and in many cases have some kind of link to Saltaire's history - for instance, unusual plants from Peru, Turkey and Russia, countries that all supplied raw materials to Salts Mill in its heyday. When I was there, the plots were buzzing with bees and other insects too, all helping to keep our precious world healthy. At this site, they have also worked in partnership with the Princes Trust, Shipley College and Hirst Wood Regeneration group, so the initiative is actively building local links and community. Well done them!


  1. An excellent project. They certainly seem to have crammed a lot into those beds.

  2. Love the photo with the mill in the background. It is a super idea to have community gardens where locals can help themselves. Well done to the initiators.

  3. What a lovely idea -- and so beautiful too!

  4. Good that local people have time and energy to develop such a worthwhile project...lovely photos!