Thursday, 1 August 2019


'Ello, I wish to register a complaint. 'My perfect tree' is dead!'

'No, no, it's.. er... it's just resting.'

'Look matey, I know a dead tree when I see one, and I'm looking at one right now.'

'No, no, it's just resting. Beautiful tree, innit? Such a lovely shape.'

'It's not resting. This tree is DEAD. It is no more. It's (not even) pushing up the daisies. It's kicked the bucket, shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain! This is an EX-TREE!'

Yes, folks, sadly, 'my perfect tree' is no longer perfect. I am not sure what has happened to kill it. They trimmed some of the lower branches a couple of years ago, which ruined its shape, but I doubt that was what killed it.  The stone pavement slabs at its base were removed recently (as they'd been disturbed by its roots) and tarmac was laid around its trunk. I wonder if that has poisoned it? Anyway, it has produced no leaves or blossom this year. It's as dead as a dead parrot. What a shame.

For remembrance sake, this is what is used to look like in its glory (or click the 'perfect tree' label below to see all my photos of it over the years).


  1. Maybe your lovely tree died of thirst. No way can rainwater seep down to the roots and nourish them with all that street covering. Sad, sad. Bye bye, tree.

  2. Sad to see such a fine tree dying, though I often wonder how any tree survives growing on the streets like that.

  3. I'm sad for your loss of a lovely life. We don't often take a moment to sigh with the passing of a tree's life. It was perfect.

  4. I think the stone slabs being removed is probably what did it.

  5. It is very suspicious that it happened after its roots had been disturbed. Sad.

  6. I suspect that the activity around the roots of the tree disturbed it and stopped it providing new growth.

    Don't give up on it yet. Look for green sproutings along its trunk and branches.

  7. Aaaaaaarrrggghhh! So sad. Yes, trees are living creatures and will eventually die, as will we all, but this poor tree seems to have died from a lack of wise care.