Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Street London, candid mono

The street photography genre is usually shown as contrasty black and white photos, so I have chosen a few of mine and given them this treatment. You also need to find 'a moment' that lifts the photo a little out of the ordinary. Not easy!

The image above seemed to me to be 'made' by the pigeon strutting along. Those below were careful captures of 'the moment': when the man was just at the right spot with the graffitied 'angel wings' behind, and an intimate moment between lovers. I was smiling at where he has his hand!

I came across a pro photographer taking a model shoot, with the stylist watching. It seemed a good opportunity to catch a shot and I liked the triangle the three figures make.

I didn't quite get the focus right on the one below, but I like the 'meeting and yet not meeting' within it.


  1. Some really good street photos here.

  2. These are wonderful, Jenny! You have a great eye!

  3. It's the second to last one that appeals most to me.

  4. Yes one can see that the girl in black is really fighting to get free...........!!

  5. They are all really nice scenes, I like the one with the angel wings the best.