Saturday, 31 August 2019

Street London in colour

Even though classic street photography tends to be presented in black and white, as a lover of colour and with all the colour of the Brick Lane area, it seemed a waste not to enjoy the vibrancy. These are some of my favourite images of the day.

I call the one above 'The Eyes to the Right'.

A group of young men were enjoying trying on hats in Spitalfields market:

Lost in his mobile world.. I think he may have been a food delivery cyclist waiting for his next call.

A lady in a hurry...

and an intimate moment on the dumplings stall in the food market.

I enjoyed my day out and I'm happy that I learned a lot and got a few images that are meaningful to me. I'm still not sure about the genre of street photography and its ethics, so it's not something I'll ever do a lot of.


  1. Street photography can be hard to do but you seem like a natural. Ethics scmetics!

  2. Good photos. The first photos is amazing, the details.

  3. These pics are great, Jenny! I share your reluctance to do much street photography!