Sunday, 29 December 2019

Advent windows 7

Saltaire Living Advent Calendar 2019

Our local first school, Saltaire Primary, has a celebration of dance through the ages in their advent window. I was born too late to be in on the jitterbug scene of the 40s, though Saturday Night Fever in the 70s doesn't seem that long ago! Oh dear... I've never been a great dancer, I must admit, but Top of the Pops was a 'must watch' programme for years in my youth.

Here's another window that used silhouettes, this time of cats. Cat-themed windows seem to have been quite popular this year. I suppose it reflects the number of cats that live around the village.


  1. I don't remember studying anything like that when I was at Primary School, though we were made to do country dances occasionally. We had to hold hands with girls... UGH!

  2. During my 2 years in a Stirlingshire primary school we learned Scottish country dancing, great fun! Do you also remember the Saturday night TV "Six-Five Special"? Also the "square" pop presenter David Jacobs.

  3. The cats, of course, is my favourite.