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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming! Everywhere is starting to sparkle, with lights in our towns, lots of festivals and markets. I must admit I can get a bit 'Bah, humbug' about it on occasion, when I focus on how consumerist it has become. I do, however, try to get into the spirit of it, so when friends suggested we visited a Christmas Tree Festival, I decided to go with them. It was held in the church of St James, Thornton. There were 49 trees, each one decorated by a local group, organisation or charity. Each had a donation bucket for the relevant cause, so it is a way of raising money for good - a worthy aim at this season.

It proved to be quite tricky to photograph but I did my best, so here is a selection of shots to give a flavour of some of the innovative themes.

I couldn't decide whether I liked the football club gingerbread men best or the rather cute little cricketers, representing Thornton Cricket Club.


  1. The church looks overflowing with trees, Jenny! That must have tweaked your holiday mood.

  2. It looks quite quiet there or maybe you chose your time better than I did. Our church changed into its medieval self during the Christmas tree festival. Toddlers climbed on the pews, men gathered in groups talking about football and gardening, their wives caught up with friends they hadn't seen lately, people drank tea and ate cakes, baby-buggies blocked the aisles - it was all rather wonderful!