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Monday, 9 December 2019

Shout for joy

I know Saltaire so well and yet I still find myself stopping in my tracks sometimes, as I notice something 'new'. On this occasion it was suddenly seeing the vibrant yellow leaves of a tree, standing out above the rooftops of the village. The tree must always be there but its bright autumn colour on an otherwise dull day made it stand out like a shout of joy.

A little exploration revealed the tree to be one of the few remaining tall trees in the village centre, tucked away in the garden of the old school building, now part of Shipley college.


  1. Isn't it strange how that can happen? You'll notice that tree every time you walk by in future!

  2. Here we must first ask permission from the Forstamt if we wish to remove a large tree, with reasons. Some are old or diseased. A replacement perhaps in another position, will then be ordered. Hopefully our successors too will then be able to shout for joy!

  3. It is sad that the rest of the large trees are gone. That one is a beauty.

  4. Trees like that stand out nicely against those old looking buildings.