Thursday, 26 March 2020

Lockdown, Day 3

Yesterday was Day 3 of this strange new world of lockdown due to coronavirus. Our government decreed on Monday that people MUST stay at home. We are allowed to:
- go outside to exercise once per day, so long as we keep a 2 metre distance from others;
- make infrequent shopping trips for essential supplies;
- take care of medical needs and of those who are vulnerable;
- travel to and from work if essential, though most people have been encouraged to work from home where possible.

My own careful isolation has been going on for about a week longer, apart from a trip to the supermarket and a trip to the hairdresser last week. (Glad I did that! The hair salons have all had to close now.) I'm feeling fit, well and quite cheerful most of the time. The novelty is interesting so far. I recognise that I'm in a very fortunate position compared with perhaps the majority of people and I am grateful.

So yesterday I went out for my allowed walk. It doesn't say anything about not being allowed to take a camera, or how far or how long you can walk for! Saltaire was quiet and largely traffic free and it all felt quite weird. The few people about were all careful to keep their distance from each other. Most public places are closed, including children's playgrounds - sad to see them all lying unused. Roberts Park itself is open but there were few people there. There was a police helicopter hovering around, maybe keeping a check on how well the measures were being observed. We were all being good!

As you know if you regularly read this blog, Saltaire has had the tradition for many years of decorating windows in Advent, the month leading to Christmas. Now people are starting to decorate their windows to keep everyone's spirits up in this unusual and unsettling time, as we battle to keep our health service functioning and to save lives at risk from this deadly virus. They are posting one window each day on Facebook - see HERE.


  1. Lovely post! I like your positivity in this uncertain time. Keep well and safe :)

  2. Glad to hear you're coping OK. Yes, apparently my ten mile walk is just fine, though a lady who lives nearby and manages about 200 yards with her rollator morning and afternoon would be some sort of criminal if it were not for the little dog which she takes with her, that apparently makes it all OK. Mad times!
    I also realise that things could be much worse - imagine if I were trying to juggle looking after my mother who lived 10 miles away and doing my job as a care-worker. I'm not really sure how I did it in normal times. Retirement is a doddle.

  3. The good people have experienced much worse. In WW2 even the long working day was no excuse for not attending civil defence training organized by Bradford Fire Brigade. Asked the instructor, "A squadron of German bombers have attacked Shipley refinery by night. One hundred thousand gallons of petrol are burning fiercely. What steps would you take?" Answer from the back: "Bloody big ones!"

  4. I love the idea of decorating with cheerful windows.

  5. Thank you Peter Woods for the loud laughter I just made, And God for not sending the last bit of ice cream sandwich left into my computer screen. Good timing there.

    I understand the once a day outdoors exercise sends a message to not create crowds. However, dictating how many times a person can outdoors creates a negative emotional burden on folks, that feels to me to be unfair.
    The helicopter is probably surveying how serious folks are taking the lock down. I wouldn't worry about that unless is starts to follow me around, and shouts at me to go home.

  6. Although our state, NH, hasn't mandated a lockdown, they may happen by the end of the week. It will have about the same restrictions you mentioned for your area. But, like yourself, we've been pretty much doing the same for the past 2 weeks and thankfully are well and hanging in. We are also going out for walks and bringing a camera along is a great way to document what's not going on now. The window art was uplifting.

  7. People come up with some good ideas to keep people connected and happy. Glad you are coping okay.