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Sunday, 8 October 2017

All things woolly

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Yorkshire has a centuries' long tradition of sheep farming - and with it, of course, a long tradition of spinning and weaving, originally as a home-based industry and then, after the Industrial Revolution, in the mills that sprang up all over the area. Thankfully the skills of the homeworkers never quite died out and there are guilds dedicated to supporting those who still practise the crafts of spinning, weaving and knitting. 

At Masham Sheep Fair, dedicated to all things woolly, you could buy full fleeces as they come, straight off the sheep, and you could also buy skeins of wool, handspun and hand dyed. 

In the village hall, there was a wool craft fair. Ladies were demonstrating spinning and weaving and there were some beautiful products to buy, including sweaters, scarves, throws, socks and a good selection of knitted soft toys.  


  1. Straight off the sheep, wonderful....

  2. Keeping the old crafts alive!

  3. Those bundles of wool would be tempting for a cat.

  4. Are you a knitter, jennyfreckles? Somehow I can picture you quietly knitting.