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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Linton Falls

Another day, another Yorkshire Dale... This time I took a walk around Grassington in Wharfedale. From the main carpark in Grassington, I walked down the ancient stone-flagged track, known as Sedber Lane, to Linton Falls.

This is where the line of the North Craven Fault crosses the River Wharfe. After all the recent rain, the falls were quite spectacular. There are three main falls.

The upper fall has a hydro-electric plant, using two Archimedean screws to generate electricity that is fed into the National Grid. It was restored a few years ago, as part of a drive to create more 'green energy' and to reuse the old building, which had housed local generators from 1909 to 1948. 


  1. Sedber Lane - the ancient stone-flagged track beckons you to come on down.

  2. That is a beautiful area. I like the old mill in the bottom shot.

  3. Grassington means well with me. As a child I sent up a balloon from there. It sailed out over the North Sea with all the others. Mine finally landed in Sweden, so I won. I was very excited!

  4. Love the composition and depth of your photographs.

  5. Wow. Everywhere you go in the Yorkshire Dales is prettier than the last.