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Thursday, 19 October 2017


From the heights of Otley Chevin, I spotted the little village of Leathley, nestling in the valley beside the River Wharfe. I drive through it every time I visit Harlow Carr Gardens and every time, I vow to myself that one day I'll stop and explore it a little more. (So far, I never have stopped!) The village has some very attractive old stone buildings, though it seems to lack a real centre. I think at one time it was part of a landowner's estate and the population was mostly involved in farming. Nowadays it appears to be a base for wealthy professionals to settle, within commuting distance of the big cities (Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford).

I applied a slight tilt-shift effect to this photo. It seemed to lend itself to that 'toytown' treatment.


  1. All those beautiful English villages! But I presume one must be very wealthy to actually live in them.

  2. Yes, it certainly does result in a miniature village sort of feeling.