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Sunday, 29 October 2017


My Grassington walk took me along the riverside to the handsome arched bridge across the River Wharfe. It carries the main road into the town. There's been a bridge here since the 1500s but the present structure dates to the 1820s when the bridge had to be widened and strengthened to accommodate the many pack-horses carrying lead down from the mines above the town.

I was intending to continue along the riverside beyond the bridge - until I realised the footpath was blocked by a herd of cows. They looked peaceful enough but I still didn't fancy trying to carve (calve?) a way through the implacable enemy forces at the bridgehead! I revised my route...


  1. A good idea not to disturb them!

  2. Two lovely images. The bridge is organic . . . i.e., it looks like it grew there, more than was built there.