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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Masham's church

The Anglican parish church in Masham, St Mary the Virgin, has a tower that dates back to the 12th century (Norman, 1100s) though the rest of the church has been altered many times since then. The spire was rebuilt in 1856. It is very light and bright inside, partly owing to the white painted ceiling that reflects light from the clerestory (upper) windows. It also, unusually perhaps, has some paintings hanging in the nave, a Nativity by Sir Joshua Reynolds above the chancel arch and another of the Virgin Mary, though I don't know who the artist of that is or how old it is. It looks quite modern so perhaps it was commissioned to mark the Millennium. Certainly one of the stained glass windows is a Millennium project, by glass artist Glenn Carter, depicting the scenery, flora and fauna of the area. (If you look carefully you can see a sheep and a shepherd's crook.)

The church sits just off one corner of Masham's market square and its large churchyard provides a peaceful oasis, almost like a park in the middle of town.


  1. This is from the Visit Masham website ".... the contemporary painting of the Madonna and Child by John Blakey is very striking. It was commissioned by the Church and the setting for the painting is the Rustic Temple beside the Fountain Post in Hackfall Woods just outside Masham." If you're ever in Hackfall woods you might check it out.....?

    1. Thanks for that John. I searched extensively but couldn't find anything. I obviously missed that website. I've never been to Hackfall Woods, sounds worth a visit.

  2. Beautiful. The contemporary painting in particular is a nice blend between traditional subject and its era.

  3. Everything about this place is wonderful, Jenny!

  4. From the outside it looks like a fine rustic church. Inside, it has some marvelous and unexpected features, doesn't it?