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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Bolton Abbey

Addingham Walk
Climbing over a steep stile in a stone wall, at the highest point of my walk, I was quite suddenly treated to this stunning panorama of the Wharfe valley, with the ancient half-ruin of Bolton Abbey (see HERE) at its heart. 

This is where my long lens comes in useful, picking out some of the detail of the scene: 

Bolton Bridge, both the old and new crossings, looks pretty from this vantage point.

You can pick out Bolton Abbey itself, which has one end in ruins since the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536. The other end of the nave was spared and allowed to continue as a church because it was used for worship by local people as well as the monks. It is still used to this day (see HERE).


  1. Have been back and enjoyed your Addingham walk from the beginning Jenny. That was one of the things I enjoyed the most during our year long stay in the UK, the long country walks at the weekend! Thanks for the links too, was good to go back and see the working part of Bolton Abbey.

  2. Terrific! Quite a nice walk.