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Monday, 13 November 2017

Museum of Liverpool

Liverpool trip 
The new award-winning Museum of Liverpool sits right beside where the Leeds- Liverpool canal terminates, in Liverpool's Pier Head. Opened in 2011, it explores Liverpool through its geography, history and culture - the port, the people and their economic, creative and sporting legacies. I only had time for a quick visit but I was fascinated to read about the docks and their development, and to see old photos and newsreel footage. The history is both good and bad; the docks were a cornerstone of the 'slave triangle', taking goods such as guns and liquor to Africa to trade for slaves, who were then shipped across the Atlantic to the West Indies and North America, the ships then returning with sugar and rum to sell in England. So much to learn about. I must go back!


  1. A stunning building and rather an odd juxtaposition to the old canal.

    1. This bit of the canal is actually very new, built recently to bring the end of the canal right down into the docks area of Liverpool again.

  2. Looks and sounds like a fine institution. We do have dark histories, don't we/

  3. A massive tonnage passed thru the canal during WW2. Acute labour shortage led to boatmen being recruited from Ireland. Women also were recruited for this physically hard job. The L&L Canal Society have a wonderful book by a Lancashire woman who stuck it for two years. Buy it - you will be fascinated.

  4. I saw that great building in2013 when I was there but I didn't have time to go in!

  5. The building has the feeling of a vessel, so it is appropriate in this location.