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Friday, 17 November 2017

Glory in the woods

Way back in September, it seemed autumn was going to come early this year, as the leaves started to look a bit brown. Somehow though, the season has ended up dragging itself out so that it is only now, mid-November, that the richest colours are showing through. The best of the gold is confined largely to beeches and birches. Walking in Trench Woods was delightful, with sprays of tiny gold leaves clinging on under the empty canopy of the larger trees.


  1. Lovely open woodland with gorgeous colour. Oaks and Sycamores are catching up fast around here but there's still a lot of green in some places.

  2. Beautiful shots! Looks like our woods.

  3. Wonderful autumn shots!

    We had something of a delay because of weather in September for our fall colours.

  4. Beautiful. Our fall was late too and it seemed to be the yellows & golds that were the highlights this year rather than the reds.